I was born in 1967 and I graduated in architecture; already as a student I became interested and have been involved directly in the first sustainable projects.
In 1992-1995 I joined the Domus Academy team.

Founder of EZIO GAUDE ARCHITECTURE STUDIO and both founder and CEO of ULTRASPAZIO DESIGN, a multidisciplinary team working for the development of Smart cities.

As a founding member of ICAF I am also the Design Supervisor for the Italian Pavilion (Shanghai International and architecture Expo 2018) and Director of the Department Design for Smart Working.


I collaborate with developers and companies to whom I provide my experience in architecture, interior design, exhibition design.
Conceptual layouts and planned spaces are rightly designed for buildings (apartments, villas, offices, hotels, …), shopping centers, pavilions and cabins. All is defined in the details with an expert and careful thought in the indoors finishing (walls, floors, furnishings, lights) and not less in the outdoors ambientations.

Design customized furnitures is one of my passions, to answers ad best to the client needs.

Renders always support all my works so developers, clients and buyers can have a preview of the works customized on them.

Among the offered services there is also the productions of all the advertising materials needed to marketing the projects. The commercialization is done with the solid support and competence of a trusted communications agency.


ezio gaude architetto

Via Spalato, 68

10141 – Torino – ITALY


+39 011 333 1700